Insured & Bonded

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified


Are you looking for a pet sitter while you are away on family vacation or just a long weekend away? Are your kids busy with homework or after school activities and you need someone to walk the dog or pick up pet waste in the backyard?

Paternal Pet Care, LLC is owned and operated by Michael Lisby. I am a professional pet sitter that comes to your home to take care of your pets while you are away or busy at work. I am a member of PSI (Pet Sitters International). I am also insured and bonded and Pet CPR/First Aid certified.
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Why Use a Professional Pet Sitter

  • Pets maintain their normal routine
  • No need to impose on family and friends
  • Reduce stress of unfamiliar surroundings, smells and other pets


Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Lovers

Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Lovers

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The Benefits of Milk Thistle for Senior Dogs

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