11 Fun Facts About Dogs

Man’s best friend is loyal, caring, and will do anything for you. A dog is always happy to see you, caring and concerned when you are down or sick, and protective when they sense danger.

These are all standard characteristics of our furry companions that we all know. There are, however, some lesser well-known facts about dogs that will make you even more crazy about your fuzzy snuggler.

Dogs Have Stealthy Noses

A dog’s sense of smell is over one million times more accurate and effective than a human being’s sense of smell. That pizza on the counter that you smell when you walk into the kitchen was probably detected by your canine companion before you even entered the house after your walk. Be aware of this if you are using especially harsh cleaning chemicals, or dabbing on strong perfume before going out for the evening. You might appreciate the extra smell, but your dog will not.

A Dog’s Speed Is Impressive

An average dog runs at about 19 mph at full speed, and they can sustain this for over a mile, if necessary. Large dogs, of course, will have more endurance than smaller dogs, but we are no match for their quick land coverage. If you are a glutton for punishment, consider racing your dog down the sidewalk at full speed during a walk; you will be humbled.

An Adult Dog Has 42 Teeth

And it is essential that we keep them healthy and looking their best. Taking your dog to the vet for regular dental checkups and cleanings will have your dog’s bit in top condition.

Thirty-Three Percent Of American Families Own A Dog

With over a third of American homes now protected by a dog, it is not a very wise idea to go prowling around your neighbor’s yard looking for your son’s lost baseball. You may find yourself in a situation that requires some fancy footwork to escape.

Spaying And Neutering Are Essential To Controlling Pet Population

If a pair of dogs is not spayed or neutered, they can produce over 66,000 puppies in as little as 6 years! Do everyone a favor and help control the pet population by taking them in for this necessary procedure.

A Dog’s Nose Print Is Like A Fingerprint

Before you get too upset about those smudges on your sliding glass door, consider that you are looking at a work of art. Your dog has an individual nose print that is unlike any other dog’s nose print on the planet. Looking at it from that perspective might calm you down a little as you wipe off those streaks.

Dogs Have An Average Lifespan Of 11 Years

Owning and caring for a dog is a commitment of time and expenses. A dog can cost almost $13,500 over the course of his life when you factor in things like food, supplies, toys, and trips to the vet. If you are not prepared to handle these expenses, then maybe you should consider a pet with a shorter lifespan.

A Dog’s Sweat Glands Are Between Its Toes

Dog’s don’t sweat, they pant. Actually, they do have small sets of sweat glands that reside between their toes, but this is not an adequate cooling system for the dog’s body. Panting cools off the body more efficiently, and it is a visible signal to you, the owner, that Fido needs a little rest.

Dogs Were Sent Into Combat During D-Day As Paratroopers

Our loyal friends were actually used to test the waters as paratroopers during that fateful day known as D-day. Sadly, most dogs were injured or lost soon after they exited the aircraft, and there was some emotional fallout that had to be dealt with when these dogs were recovered and nursed back to health.

Hot Dog!

The average temperature of a dog is a steamy 101.2, higher than most humans would feel comfortable living with. For dogs, however, this is no problem, as they have an efficient system of cooling themselves off when they feel too hot.

Seventy Percent Of People Sign Their Pet’s Names On Greeting Cards

Now don’t feel bad if Fluffy didn’t sign your last birthday card—it really is a strange phenomenon that we humans feel the need to include our furry friends in all of our social affairs as well. If you get a pet paw signature, consider it a bonus.


There is so much personality and warmth that is shared with us through our pets. Dogs have so many unique and special qualities, and we are lucky to have them as our companions as we travel through life.



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