Mange Management: What it Is, Where it Comes From, and How to Treat It

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Animals with mange don’t look like any documented animal. That is because mange is observable. If a pet ends up with mange, it will begin scratching, losing its hair, and form scabs and lesions. This might even be the case if you’ve just adopted a dog. Once noticed, this can be a daunting time for families, especially if they consider their pet to be one of the family. This article is a short guide to managing and preventing mange.

What is Mange?

Mange is a skin disease that is caused by microscopic mites that live on hair follicles of animals. Mange is often associated with scabies. For example, in dogs mange is known as Canine scabies and in humans this is known as just scabies. It should be noted that many pets have mites living in their hair, but either not the species of mite or not to the degree that causes constant itching to the point of scabbing and forming lesions. While both humans and other animals can get mange, mange can’t be passed from animal to human. This is because only certain species of mites affect certain species of animals. While the symptoms seem like torture, they usually show themselves about two to six weeks after infection.

What Causes Mange?

Mites that cause mange can be picked up from anywhere. Mange can be contracted by being present in dirty areas with low sanitation. This may include visiting developing countries, camping in wooded area or contracting mange from other animals or humans that have mange. The most common form of the spread of mange in humans is caused by the sharing of clothes and beds.  

How is Mange Treated?

Mange in humans and other animals is typically treated using a scabicide that is applied to the skin via a lotion. Unfortunately, there isn’t an effective over the counter scabicide and must be prescribed. Other home remedies include covering the body in coconut oil, mixing apple cider vinegar with borax, soaking the skin in cool water, taking antihistamines, and applying other lotions. Treatment can take up to several months.

Hopefully this article served as a guide to preventing or managing mange. This article should help to identify, treat, and protect pets and family members from contracting mange. While the symptoms of mange seem like torture and the treatment involves covering the body in lotion for multiple weeks, there is a an effective treatment.

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