Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Lovers

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Pets are wonderful creatures, but between their toys and pet hair, your house may become a bit messy. Here are 3 useful tips for Spring cleaning your home whilst having a pet.

Get a Pet Sitter

Finding a pet sitter is an excellent way to help you find time to clean if your fur baby is prone to getting in the way. Animals tend to follow wherever their human goes, which can get tricky when you are organizing your closet of shoes or cleaning with chemicals. There are many ways to get a break for a few hours. Hire a family member, a friend, or take advantage of our animal daycare for when you need some extra help. Plan to clean and organize the parts of your home that are the most difficult to do when your pet is home. This will make the most of your time and give you a great sense of accomplishment when you finally pick up your pet from their sitter.

Donate Extra Pet Toys

As you are spring cleaning, you may find you have some pet toys that you or your pet don’t use. If that is the case, donate them to certain nonprofits to help declutter your home. Doing this will not only clear your home of unused items, but it will also help benefit someone else’s pet and make you feel happy. Donating toys is also a sustainable and eco-friendly way of showing care to the earth. Most likely, your animals will not miss the toys that they never played with in the first place.

Deep Clean and Refresh Your Home

Spring cleaning season is a great time to rid your home of all the pet dander and hair that accumulates in your carpet and furniture over the winter months. Take time to open up the windows to let some fresh air in and get the dander out. It is wise to also plan a day when you are free to shake out, wash, or vacuum any pillows, blankets, and dog beds that your sweet pet frequently lays on. Most importantly, Spring is the best time to deep clean your carpets. Carpets tend to hold onto dirt, pollen, mold spores, and other outdoor pollutants, so a thorough cleaning can create a healthier home for you and your pet. Having a fresh and clean home is a wonderful way to kick off the spring season.

Pets are wonderful companions that make life worth living a little bit more. But housing a pet comes with its challenges. Hire a pet sitter to get more cleaning accomplished, donate unwanted pet toys, and deep clean your upholstery and carpets for the ultimate spring cleaning list. You will feel clean and fresh while you cuddle your fur baby.


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