Tips for Safe and Easy Holiday Traveling With Your Dog

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The holiday season is a time of merriment and joy for all, and getting to spend it with your furry best friend enriches every moment. Having a travel plan ahead of time makes the journey for you and your dog safe and effortless no matter what mode of transportation you choose. Here are three good tips to ensure that travels with your pooch go safely and smoothly.


Before you hit the road, make sure your dog is comfortable riding in the car. Long-distance trips can be more stressful. Providing your dog with items that make them feel safe increases their level of security during travel. In order to protect your dog while riding in the car, it’s best to use a harness and seat belt to restrain your dog and to never let them sit in the front seat. Having your dog ride in the back seat helps them to relax while you stay focused on driving.


Prior to your departure, familiarize your dog with its travel crate or carrier. Getting used to being confined for a period of time similar to your scheduled time in flight prepares your dog for remaining in its enclosure. Doing this in advance gives them ample time to adjust. Provide them with a couple of their favorite toys and some clothing with your scent. These things will help to calm your buddy down while you’re in the air or walking through a busy airport. Creating positive feelings about their mobile home ensures that your pup will remain relaxed throughout the trip.

Train or Bus

Trains and buses make traveling with your pup easy and safe by allowing smaller dogs to stay with their owners in pet-safe carriers under the seat in front of them. Keep your dog calm en route by providing them with some of the creature comforts of home. A snugly blanket will not only keep your dog cozy but also provide reassurance. The motion of these modes of transportation is similar to a car, so if your dog already loves to go for a ride, traveling by bus or train should be a breeze.

Bringing your dog with you wherever your holiday travels take you allows both of you to enjoy the change. Whether you’re making the journey by car, plane, bus or train, you’ll always be in good company with your most loyal friend along for the ride. If you know what to expect and you prepare your dog for travel, your trip should be a pleasant and relaxing adventure.
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